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Аватар пользователя abelausavaz
Drupal 8 Developer

!!! If you are:
D -- dedicated to Drupal
R -- resourceful in terms of MySQL and JS
U -- used to standing up to the challenge of PHP
P -- proficient in English (Intermediate, esp. written)
A -- able to work with (and ready to create from scratch) different modules
L -- levelheaded and eager to telecommute
then we would be happy to welcome you as part of Z Wolves Development team!

Challenging tasks and equivalently high payment :)

Do not hesitate to contact me by PM or at a.belousova@zwolves.com
Also add me to Skype live:a.belousova_2

May the Drupal force be with you!

Аватар пользователя abelausavaz

Продолжаем поиски тех самых-самых Drupal 8 Heroes!

Если Вам интересен Headless Drupal, Rest API и/или фреймворки JS -- пишите на a.belousova@zwolves.com
Или же смело добавляйте меня в скайпе live:a.belousova_2

Возможно, мы ждём именно тебя!

Аватар пользователя abelausavaz

UP! Если интересны подробности -- в скайп live:a.belousova_2